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Focus on the Positive for Healthy Habits That Last

written by #Sophie Letts...

With the help and dedication of teachers and non-profits around the world, Yoga For Vets has created a community and worldwide database for veterans to find quick access to free yoga classes. Reach out today for more info!

Focus on the Positive, For Healthy Habits That Last

Transforming your lifestyle by implementing healthy new habits shouldn’t be unpleasant. After all, as a veteran, you’re looking forward to feeling better, being happier with your appearance, and having more energy — so it ought to be an exhilarating prospect, right?

Unfortunately, a lot of talk about fitness or health emphasizes the negative, so it’s easy to slip into thinking you’re supposed to be beating yourself up instead of building yourself up. In reality, if your diet is making you miserable and you dread every workout, you’re less likely to keep pushing through. It’s also counterproductive since the point of a health reset is to be happy and thriving.

Read on for some tips from Yoga For Vets.

When choosing a workout, make enjoyment a priority.

We tend to associate the idea of enjoyment with unhealthy practices, so it’s a quick jump from there to assuming that if you’re not having a good time, you must be doing something right. This simply isn’t accurate. As veterans understand, sometimes you must make sacrifices or push yourself out of your comfort zone, but this shouldn’t be the only norm — nor should it be taken as proof that you’re on the right track.

Many exercise and fitness options pay off, not only in terms of long-term health but also in terms of immediate gratification. Yoga For Vets offers a great search tool to find yoga classes near you, effective programs that will give you a fun and effective workout. Whether you’re in it for meditation or stress relief, or just looking for a new fitness routine, there’s a class for you.

Mix things up a bit.

A workout that is only cardio or only strength training can sometimes get boring. As One Medical points out, that might be your body saying it wants a more varied routine. An ideal fitness regimen will incorporate both a cardio and strength training element. If muscle development is a priority for you, you can opt for a session with the weights.

A fitness tracker or smartwatch can be invaluable in meeting your fitness goals. These gadgets can measure how many steps you take, your heart rate, calories burned, and much more. There are many different fitness trackers and smartwatches available at a variety of price points, but you’ll want to safeguard it with a quality screen protector.

Use caution to avoid injury.

Pushing yourself to meet new goals rapidly is not always the best way to achieve overall health. You don’t want to wear yourself out, take on too much, or injure something. A good workout regimen is one that fits well into your lifestyle and doesn’t throw off your schedule.

Whatever type of exercise you choose, Baylor College of Medicine suggests taking it slowly at first to ensure that you are moving correctly. When doing strength training or trying any kind of intensive exercise, it helps to have an instructor to coach you, as well as to spot you if you’re doing anything potentially dangerous, such as bench-pressing heavy weights.

Practice Self-Care at Work

Self-care isn’t important just during your personal time. It should also be a priority at your workplace. For example, if toxic coworkers are bringing negativity to work and likely affecting productivity and a general sense of malaise, it’s time for you to cut that stress by using a few simple techniques. First, identify these workers by personality type, then strategize how you will either work around them or avoid them altogether. Be sure to avoid getting dragged down by these individuals; instead, focus on your job at hand and counter every negative word with a positive action.

Healthy food need not be bland or unappetizing.

When you think of healthy food, what do you think of? Chances are, you’re imagining something low in flavor — maybe some disappointing replacement for a favorite snack. Instead of thinking of healthy food as something that’s had all the fun stuff removed, think of it as something that has all the good stuff put in. Whole grains, lean meats, good fats, and naturally-grown produce have the bonus of often tasting better than their less nutritious alternatives, too.

Remember that a healthier you is also a happier you. Even when you have to push yourself a bit or resist the temptation to give in to cravings, the priority is your own well-being for many years to come. As a vet, you deserve it.

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